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Restore - Stop Hot Flashes

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Restore - Stop Hot Flashes
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  • Stop hot flashes and night sweats instantly
  • Revolutionary formula has a patent
  • Natural formulation is HORMONE FREE
  • 40 Applications of 3-5 sprays each
  • no side effects
  • Cool mist delivers ingredients to relieves hot flashes and night sweats for up to 4 hours
  • 3-in-1 relief instantly cools, hydrates, balances
  • 1.7 oz


Restore INSTANT HOT FLASH AID helps you stay cool, calm, and in control. This revolutionary hormone-free product provides instant cooling relief from hot flash symptoms and night sweats. It stops the heat on contact. There is nothing else like it!

Lasts up to 4 hours. Size: 1.7 oz. (50 mL). Approximately 40 applications of 3-5 sprays each.

Who can benefit?
Women with menopausal symptoms of hot flashes and night sweats
Women with residual hot flashes after HRT is ended
Chemotherapy patients (including men)
Patients who take prescription drugs with hot flashes as a side effect
People who experience sudden warmth after ingestion of alcohol and/or extremely spicy foods
People who experience flashes or flushing induced by a warm environment

3-in-1 Relief
Increases skin hydration
Decreases skin temperature to cool instantly
Restores ionic balance (sodium, potassium) to the skins surface

Natural Science, Hormone Free: Restore\'s patented formula contains a natural marine ingredient and other plant extracts that soothe and hydrate the skin. Clinically and allergy tested.



·        Patented formulation

·        One bottle of 1.7 ounce contains more than 240 sprays – a typical one-month supply when used regularly

·        Results can last for up to 4 hours

·        Can be used preventatively

·        Hormone-free

·        Trans dermal

·        Works instantly

·        Suggested use - 3-4 sprays wherever the heat source is i.e., neck and chest, neck and upper back

·        Clinically and allergy tested

·        93% efficacy rate



-       Restore is PATENTED for menopausal hot flashes – however, restore works for hot flashes or flushing of any kind.  Hot flashes may be due to medications, chemotherapy, nervousness, sports, weather, etc.   Restore works on a cellular level to stop the symptoms of the hot flash.


-       Restore is a HORMONE-FREE product so it is only treating the symptoms of the hot flashes.  There are no side-effects to using restore.  Some people who take hormones still suffer from hot flashes.  They too can use restore to relieve their symptoms. 


-       Restore is a trans-dermal spray that can INSTANTLY relieve the symptoms of a hot flash with a 93% efficacy rate in clinical studies. (This means that the active ingredients are delivered across the skin for systemic distribution)


-       Compared to spraying water* (placebo) - Restore can reduce body temperature up to 11%  and  increase hydration up to 20% (during a  hot flash, the skin is extremely dehydrated - it is important to rehydrate the cells and KEEP them hydrated).  * Water does not get absorbed by the skin, it evaporates.


-       Water may refresh the skin momentarily but it evaporates quickly.  Restore is absorbed by the body to balance the ionic cell structure, in turn lowering the body temperature.  Restore leaves a barrier on the skin which prevents loss of water.


-       Spray restore wherever the heat source is coming from.  For most women in menopause that is the chest and neck, sometimes on the back of the neck..  For people who are wearing wigs - they can spray directly on the head.  


-       Cooling results from Restore can last for up to 4 hours.   Restore hydrates the body on a cellular level and creates a barrier for water loss.


-       Because restore can last for up to 4 hours, you CAN use it preventatively.  (Because restore re-hydrates the skin AND creates a barrier for water loss, it will keep the skin at a higher hydration level - resulting in increased time between flashes/sweats and/or decreased intensity of future sweats.                           


-       Restore helps to decrease the dilation of blood vessels, therefore limiting how much blood can flow freely (during a hot flash the blood vessels dilate (expand), allowing  the blood to rush).


-       Restore helps to balance the ion levels of sodium, potassium and calcium on a cellular level to help the skin cell metabolize more efficiently.