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Bezi Bra Discs Blush

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Bezi Bra Discs Blush
Bezi Bra Discs mocha

Bezi Bra Discs Blush
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BraDiscs are worn with a bra and are the perfect solution to womens concerns with nipple protrusion. Women love to wear beautiful sexy clothing: however, when nipple protrusion is evident, a womans professional appearance may be compromised. Available in One Size.


  • non - latex resin
  • Note: Bra Discs must be worn with a bra. They are non-adhesive. Bra Discs are packaged in a convenient storage case. Bra Discs blend with a woman's natural skin tones under most bras.
  • The following are some concerns that Bra Discs can solve: Worn with smooth lightweight bras, Bra Discs camouflage nipple protrusion under sweaters and blouses.
  • Teenages no longer need to feel embarrassed when wearing stretchy tee shirts. Why would full figured women have to wear padded bras? Bra Discs camouflage nipples without the padding.
  • Why should small breasted women have to wear padded bras? Bra Discs camouflage nipple protrusion when worn with smooth lightweight bras and are great under summer tees.
  • Bra Discs are waterproof. Available in One Size. Available in two different colors, Blush and Mocha. (Mocha is suggested for darker skin tone).