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Trind Nail Balsam

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Trind Essential Nail Repair Kit

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Trind Essential Nail Repair Kit
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Trind Essential Nail Repair Kit

This is an an excellent nail kit containing the essential products to help you get your nails back on track to a natural, stronger and more healthy set of nails. This kit is focused on the recovery and repair of the nail bed area. If you want a complete professional home manicure system for the hands, cuticles and nail repair, see The Perfect System for more details.


Directions For Use - Includes the following (4) products:

Step 1 - Nail Polish Remover
To be used to remove Nail Repair, Nail Brightener, or polish like products. Wash your hands well after use. We advise you to use this product to "natural nails" only. This product is highly flammable. Keep out of reach of children.

Step 2 - Nail Magic Buffer
To equalize your nails and stimulate the production of natural nail moisture at the same time, you use Trind Nail Magic once every 4 weeks. Using half round movements, first use the half black side. This action will exfoliate the dried out horn cells (white dust). Then with the same half round movements use the half white side. Start with a light pressure close to the root (nail matrix) of the nail and slowly move forward toward the tip of your nail. Then repeat this motion with the long grey side. A beautiful shiny and smooth nail is the immediate reward... the perfect basis for Trind Nail Repair has been created.

Step 3 - Nail Balsam
Trind Moisturizing Nail Balsam helps nails from drying out and helps nails getting stronger. Use daily for two weeks. Apply to the nails and let soak for two minutes. Massage the excess into the nail and surrounding skin. This product is oil free. Immediately after use you can apply Nail Repair or polish. After use, clean the rim of the bottle. After two weeks of daily use, once a week is sufficient for maintenance and upkeep.

Step 4 - Natural Nail Repair
For beautiful strong nails apply daily for two weeks directly to the nails. Before applying remove the former coat with (Trind) Nail polish Remover. After two weeks you can apply one coat weekly to keep the nails strong. Shake well before use. After use, clean the rim of the bottle. Keep out of reach of children. We advise you to first test this product to one nail. In case of oversensitivity, stop use immediately. Avoid eye-contact. This product is highly flammable and contains formaldehyde. We advise you to protect your cuticles with cream.

Includes all 4 items

6 Month Supply