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Trind Hand repair with caring lotus extract

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Trind Spotlight Age Spot Treatment

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Trind Spotlight Age Spot Treatment
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Trind Spotlight - Age Spot Treatment

Trind Spotlight reduces the appearance of brown spots, age spots, and brown discoloration on the skin, mainly caused by UV light. Mature skin looses the ability to effectively protect itself from the effects of external influences like UV light that can cause age spots. The natural reaction of the skin after UV light exposure is to develop brown pigmentation (melanin) or in some cases hyperpigmentation. Trind Spotlight stops the overproduction of melanin that develop into age spots. With daily application of Trind Spotlight the first visible results can be seen in just 4 weeks.

Will not bleach your skin. Maintains your skins even tones by Trinds unique technology of over-productive natural melanin inhibitor complex.


Directions For Use

Apply an ample amount of Trind Spotlight to the back of the hand at night before going to bed. Divide the cream with your fingertips where the pigment spots are visible. Massage the cream into the skin until it is totally absorbed. Repeat this treatment in the morning and do not wash the treated area for 30 minutes after application.