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No Bumps

  • No Bumps Lotion:
    • 0.5 fl oz
    • Pleasant smell
    • Lasts about 30 days
    • Pain free
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Why do I get razor bumps? The condition of razor bumps is caused by a curved follicle (hair) tip curving back and penetrating the skin. The curved hair grows in an arch rather than a straight line. Curving back towards the skin, the follicle pierces the dermal layer and becomes ingrown. The newly ingrown hair becomes trapped within the skin, creating inflammation. Your skin is designed to allow hair to grow out of it, but never made plans for that same hair to come back! Freshly shaven skin is especially prone to razor bumps because the hair has been cut at a sharp spear angle, priming it for re-entry. Waxing and tweezing also can create razor bumps as hair is plucked deeply below the skin, thus increasing the probability of the hair getting trapped as it attempts to grow back out of the skin.


This treatment will not only get rid of the bumps you have now but it will also prevent those ugly red shaving bumps from coming out! This bump preventer combines clinically proven medication with natural vitamins and minerals and also relives the discomfort of razor bumps and calms irritated skin.


1. The products can be used inside the bikini line, but are only intended for use on the external dermal layer, i.e., it\'s fine to use on the scrotum, pubic area and labia (outer lips) of the vagina. However, you need to be very careful to avoid exposure to the subcutaneous tissue, including, but not limited to:

a. The inner lips of the vagina.
b. Under the dermal hood of the clitoris.
c. The tip of the penis.
d. Eyes
e. Anus
f. Mouth, lips
g. Cuts or other open wounds etc.

2. We estimate that less than 1% of our potential customer base is allergic to this product in some fashion so test on a small area first before your first application. 

3. An aspect that distinguishes Razor Bump Preventer from other products is it\'s ability to prevent hair from curling back into the skin. The ingredients in the treatment naturally bonds to the outgoing follicle, essentially blunting it and making it less effective at re-entering the skin. when you shave, you sharpen the hair making it easy to penetrate the skin. Also, the combination of ingredients kills the bacteria naturally present on the hair follicle, preventing its spread into the irritated skin.


4. Each container has 0.5 FL OZ. (15 ml) about 1-2 month supply.


5. 30 Day from date of purchase.
(shipping charges are not refundable)


Directions to use: Use after shaving or other forms of hair removal such as waxing or tweezing etc.. Cleanse skin then apply treatment to effected areas and massage completely into skin. Apply daily until hair is between 1/8\" and 1/4\" in length even if you don\'t shave that day. Wash hands after applying.