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Trind Cuticle Remover

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Trind Cuticle Remover
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Trind Cuticle Remover

Overgrown cuticles inhibit nail growth. Trind Cuticle Remover softens the cuticles and enables you to easily remove overgrown cuticles with the Trind (splinter free) Manicure Sticks. Your nails will grow visibly better.


Directions For Use

To remove overgrown cuticles. Apply to the cuticles and let soak for 5 minutes. Push cuticles back with Trind Manicure Sticks and remove excess of cuticle. Wash your hands well after use. We advise you to use this product once every 4 weeks. Immediately after use of Cuticle Repair Balsam we advise you to use Cuticle Repair Balsam, to recover the pH level. Avoid eye-contact with this product. Trind Extra Mild cuticle Remover contains alkali and could cause blindness if it comes in contact with your eyes.

.30 fluid oz

6 Month Supply